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Company news about environmental cable

environmental cable


Latest company news about environmental cable

At present, environmental problems are being paid more and more attention, any industry is transforming towards the direction of environmental protection, our cable industry is no exception, at present, our company's products are in line with the national standard electricity system, so what is environmental protection electricity winding? Let's analyze what is environmental protection cable:

1, high flame retardant:

Environmental protection cable fully ensures its building requirements for high fire protection requirements, the fire cable is not easy to burn, and can prevent the spread of flame and the expansion of disaster after burning. 2. Halogen-free:

The use of green environmental protection insulation layer, sheath and special oxygen clearing layer material, not only has good electrical properties of physical attenuation shadow, and ensure that the product does not contain national element, solve the secondary pollution formed when burning, avoid the traditional PVC wire burning can produce "dioxins" substances.

3, no corrosive gas:

The use of new special summer materials with low pollution to the ring, the production, use and combustion process will not produce H[and other gases, the emission of acid gas is very little, little damage to personnel and equipment, instruments, more environmental protection features

The insulation and sheath do not contain lead, tin and other heavy metals harmful to human body, and will not pollute the soil and water when the cable is used and abandoned. And after the pre - etching toxicity test, mice in the specified experimental conditions safe and sound

5. High transmittance:

The smoke produced by the burning cable is very thin, which is conducive to the evacuation of personnel and the fire extinguishing work. The transmittance of the product is more than 40%, which is far higher than the standard of less than 20% of the traditional returned-combustion cable.

Green materials with special molecular structure are adopted to ensure ultra-low water absorption rate. Special molecular structure are adopted to ensure ultra-low water absorption rate. Special UV absorbent, so that the product has a good anti - UV function

Shanghai Dingzun in this respect control is very strict, the products meet the national standards, we are in line with the change of The Times, reduce environmental pollution!

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1. Environmental protection wire and cable itself will not produce any corrosive gas. Because the ring fruit wire weaving is made of new special materials that have no pollution to the environment, it will not produce such a wife gas in the production and use process and flow, and the discharged acid gas is quite small, at the same time for personnel and; The damage is relatively minor.

2. Environmental protection wire and cable itself has a certain high flame retardant. If in the unfortunate fire, environmental protection wire and cable is "not easy to be burned, and is effective enough to prevent the spread of the flame after burning and the expansion of the disaster, so as to win the fire time, and in the fire is with the advantages of self-learning self-extinction,

3. Environmental protection wire insulation layer (no halogen).

Ring wire woven using green ring fruit edge layer, protective joy and specially customized warm each layer. Not only does it have a very good electrical and physical damping effect, but it also demonstrates that the product does not contain any back or responsibility. Thus the protection of the human body.

4. Environmental protection wire and cable itself has the characteristics of low toxicity

We should know that the insulation and sheath of environmental protection wires and cables are free of lead and other harmful substances to human health, and will not cause any pollution to soil and water when the cables are used and discarded

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