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Company news about FIRE RESISTANCE CABLE I



Latest company news about FIRE RESISTANCE CABLE I

With the attention of data center and building construction in cable fire protection, the industry is paying more and more attention to fire retardant cables, and the application of fire resistance cables in the international market will open a new situation. We can see that fire resistance continues to receive extensive attention from manufacturers and users in the cabling market.


What are fire resistance cables?
According to the flame-retardant characteristics of cables, the CO2 produced during combustion, the heat released, the density of smoke, and the toxicity of gases, there are multiple levels and standards for cable fire protection.

Cables are protected by the outer skin. Indoor data cables can be classified according to their fire performance. At present, there are many international standards and specifications for the fire performance of cables, such as the IEC332 series issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the CM series recommended by the National Electrical Code (NEC). In the U.S., NEC classifies cables into four levels: CMX(the lowest level), CM(horizontal use), CMR(vertical use), and CMP(forced ventilation). This classification method is also relatively popular internationally. These classifications detail the need for cables to prevent the spread of flame. Cables used for horizontal wiring subsystems and not installed in ventilation loop environments are defined as general-purpose cables whose cladding materials are usually used at specified temperatures beyond which the properties of the cladding materials cannot be guaranteed.


Among them, CMP is the most demanding fire standard. The test requires that multiple samples should be laid on the horizontal air duct of the device. The qualification standard is that the flame should not extend beyond 5 feet away from the front of the flame of the gas Bunsen burner under the specified combustion temperature and time. The maximum peak optical density is 0.5, and the maximum average optical density is 0.15.


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