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Company news about HEATING CABLE(1)



Latest company news about HEATING CABLE(1)

Heating cable heating is called the most ideal way of heating in winter, not only because of its economy, safety, convenience, high quality, but also because it takes people as the main body of life, highlighting the comfort, health, environmental protection of these three themes of modern life; Highly user-friendly design, simple and flexible control mode, bring great convenience to users; The system structure hidden under the ground maximizes the saving of interior space.
Body comfort
Heating cable heating system mainly relies on far infrared radiation heat transfer (accounting for more than 60% of the total heat transfer), its radiation principle is the same as the solar radiation principle. The transfer of heat is divided into convection, conduction, radiation three forms, radiant heat is the most comfortable way of human body to feel the heat transfer, giving people a warm feeling like sunlight, no air flow, no heat, people can according to their own needs, set the most suitable for their own indoor temperature, not affected by outdoor temperature, not restricted by the season, indoor always keep warm as spring feeling.
Have health function

Since the ground is used as the cooling surface to transfer heat from bottom to top, it gives people the feeling of warm feet and cool top. According to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine, the most comfortable temperature for human foot body feeling is 29℃, and the most comfortable temperature for human head body feeling is 18℃. The environmental temperature created by the heating cable heating system is just in line with it, fully in line with the physiological needs of human body, which is very beneficial to human health. At the same time, far infrared radiation has the function of health care to human body, making it the most scientific way of heating.
Conducive to environmental protection
Because radiation heat transfer replaces air convection heat transfer, the dust flying in the air is reduced. Because the radiator on the wall is omitted, there is no dirty corner, and the odor caused by the paint on the surface of the radiator is avoided. The dry ground has said goodbye to the trouble of cockroaches and tide insects brought by humidity, and the air in the room is fresh and pleasant since then.
Because the aluminum shield blocks the harmful electromagnetic radiation, there is no harm to the human body. The electromagnetic radiation test results of the heating cable by the National Physics Institute show that the electromagnetic radiation generated by the system is only one thirtieth of the magnetic field electromagnetic radiation, which can be ignored. It is a real green environmental protection product.

There is no noise pollution in the operation of the heating cable heating system, and the living environment is very quiet.
Suitable for any environment and space
The heating cable heating system is not limited by environmental conditions. It can be installed in any place where there is heating demand. It can be installed on the ground or on the wall or ceiling. Especially for houses with large space (such as clubs, exhibition halls, cinemas, gymnasiums, etc.), the heat transfer distance of wall-mounted radiators is limited, which is difficult to meet the heating requirements of the whole indoor space. Moreover, the indoor heat distribution is not uniform. Will have a warm and comfortable feeling, for the glass curtain wall structure of large space building, because the radiator can not be installed on the wall, more suitable for the installation of heating cable heating system.

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