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Company news about Quality of Siliocne Wire

Quality of Siliocne Wire


Latest company news about Quality of Siliocne Wire

The product quality of heat-resistant silicone wire mainly consists of several main factors?

Generally speaking, there are five main factors, such as raw materials, equipment, processes, manufacturing techniques and inspection. It is often said that the quality of a product is produced, not tested. In fact, product quality manufacturing technology is the foundation, inspection is the key. From the quality of raw materials, whether in accordance with the process requirements, whether there are quality problems in the processing and manufacturing links, whether the final product can meet the requirements and other five main factors, inspection personnel and operators are in accordance with the corresponding specifications for testing.

Inspection process
First of all, many wire processing manufacturers will test when the wire leaves the factory, which is mainly divided into two processes, one is the detection of raw materials, two is the detection of manufacturing processes, two is the detection of products, which is also divided into two parts, one is the manufacturing, the other is the employee self-detection, inspectors most can only see the surface, while the employee can see more deeply, When the staff once see the problem will be able to see the quality of the good or bad, if the discrimination is not out, it will be tested by technical personnel.

As iron oxydragon line, heat-resistant silicone wire, refractory wire manufacturing workers, not only to master the operation method of equipment, but also to learn to distinguish quality problems
Hot silicone wire is widely used in electric heating appliances, lighting lamps, instruments and electronics, lamps and other high temperature environment, industrial machinery, heavy machinery, electronic equipment and other high temperature places wiring and used in microwave ovens, suitable for cable long-term agreed working temperature +180°C promised in the ambient temperature range of not less than -60C, also suitable for fax machines, printers, Photocopier, scanner and other machines inside the street wiring and instruments, motor wiring and electronic, fuel and other high temperature environment
High temperature line is divided into several kinds of one is the temperature resistance of 160-200 degrees one is the temperature resistance of 260 degrees and one can reach 280 degrees after high temperature can be used for a long time for heating or high temperature appliances so as to better meet the market demand iron oxydragon high temperature line coat is four oxygen material inner core copper wire is generally used with tinned copper wire for higher requirements is silver plated copper wire This posture will require higher temperature resistance. Expect us to select the line this attitude the whole product can reach a more ideal service life.

The foaming and porosity of silicone rubber insulated power cable are caused by process problems. Vacuum pouring should be used for silicone rubber insulated cable when gluing, and the material should be fully degassed, otherwise it will appear foaming and gas. Some small heat-resistant silicone wire factories because there is no vacuum injection equipment, and the gas removal process is not good, will produce this very poor product, to deal with this problem first workshop adhere to constant temperature and humidity, purchase vacuum injection equipment and vacuum mixing equipment with good functions, strict control of process parameters.
Silicone rubber power cable is suitable for communication with extra voltage 0.6/1KV and below fixed laying power transmission line or mobile electrical cable, the product has the characteristics of heat resistance radiation, race resistance, acid and alkali resistance and corrosive gas, waterproof, soft structure, convenient radiation, high temperature (high race) environment electrical function stability, anti-aging function is outstanding, long service time, Widely used in finance, electric power, petrochemical, electronics, automobile manufacturing and other industries.


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