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Company news about Refractory cable and Fire-Resistance Cable

Refractory cable and Fire-Resistance Cable


Latest company news about Refractory cable and Fire-Resistance Cable

1, the first difference is shown in their structural materials are different, flame retardant cable material is mainly made of flame retardant raw materials, and its outer selection is flame retardant sheath, including its filler are selected flame retardant material. The fire-resistant cable consists of a combination of a conductor and an insulating layer, with a fire-resistant layer added in the middle.

2. The second difference is that the principle is different. Flame retardant cable is mainly produced by halogen material flame retardant effect, so as to reduce the temperature by water, can achieve the purpose of flame out. Fire-resistant cable is made of mica material. According to the performance of this material, it has the characteristics of fire resistance and heat resistance, so it can extend the use time in case of fire.

What is flame retardant wire and cable?
Flame retardant cables maintain the electrical and physical and chemical properties of ordinary cables at the same time, with self-extinguishing, that is, not easy to burn, or when the cable itself is on fire for some reason or the external fire source igniting fire, after the fire is extinguished, the cable no longer continues to burn, or the combustion time is very short (within 60 minutes), or the combustion length is very short.

Because of its low cost, retards and delays the spread of flame along the cable, so that the fire does not expand. Therefore, it is a large number of fireproof cable varieties. The cable may be burned out in case of fire, but it can prevent the spread of the fire and avoid more damage.

The structure of flame-retardant cable is basically the same as that of ordinary cable, the difference is that its insulation layer, sheath, outer sheath and auxiliary materials (wrapping and filling) are all or part of flame-retardant materials.

What is fire-resistant cable?
Refractory wire and cable in the event of fire can continue to work (transfer current and signal), its own combustion delay is not included in the assessment. Flame-retardant cable stops working soon when fire occurs, its function is flame-resistant and can self-extinguish without spreading; The fire-resistant cable can maintain normal operation for 180 minutes in the flame burning at 750 ~ 800℃.

Fire-resistant cable has power supply ability for a certain time in the flame, and can keep the normal operation of the line for a certain time in the case of flame burning. Generally speaking, in case of fire, the cable will not burn, the loop is relatively safe.

The structure of the refractory cable is basically the same as that of the ordinary cable. The difference is that the conductor of the refractory cable uses the copper conductor with good refractory performance (the melting point of copper is 1 083℃), and the refractory layer is added between the conductor and insulation layer. The refractory layer is made of multilayer mica tape. Because the allowable working temperature of different mica belts varies greatly, the key of cable fire resistance is mica belts.

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