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Company news about Silicone Cable Introduction and Application

Silicone Cable Introduction and Application


Latest company news about Silicone Cable Introduction and Application

Properties and applications of silicone rubber

Organic silica gel refers to compounds containing Si-C bond, at least one organic group directly connected with silicon atoms, through oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen and other compounds that make organic groups connected with silicon atoms are also considered as organosilicon compounds. Organic silica gel has high temperature resistance, weather resistance, oil resistance, electrical insulation, biological inert fire resistance, hydrophobicity and other excellent performance.

Due to its excellent performance, silica gel is not only used as a special material in aviation and military technology departments, but also used in national economic departments, widely used in construction, electronic and electrical, textile, automobile, machinery, leather paper, chemical light industry, metal and paint, medicine and medical fields.

Application of silicone rubber cable


Silicone Cable is made of dual materials. Due to its cold resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics, it is often widely used in some cables under special circumstances as raw materials, mainly used as cable external wrapping layer and filling production

Silicone cable is widely used in rail transit, automobile, medical, nuclear power plant, construction, home appliances, electric heating, heavy industry and other fields. With the rapid development of rail transit and new energy vehicle industry, silicone cable has been widely used.


In new energy vehicles, silicone cables can be connected to high-voltage batteries, electronic control units and motors. They can also be used as internal cables for high-voltage equipment such as air conditioning and auxiliary heating, and can also be used as internal cables for batteries

When purchasing cables, users should choose high temperature cables according to the actual situation. If you have any questions about this, you can click on the website customer service consultation!

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