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Company news about Silicone or Rubber which has a longer service life

Silicone or Rubber which has a longer service life


Latest company news about Silicone or Rubber which has a longer service life


Under the same material, the service life of silicone is longer, the service life of rubber is generally not more than 10 years, and the material life of different formulas is different.
Rubber refers to the reversible deformation of high elastic polymer material silica gel is a kind of high activity adsorption material, the main component of silica gel is silicon dioxide.
Generally speaking, natural rubber is a natural rubber product made of the latex collected from rubber trees after solidification and drying. Synthetic rubber is mainly divided into: neoprene rubber, butadiene rubber, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, polysulfide rubber, polyurethane rubber and so on.

Main Performance
(1) High temperature performance. The remarkable characteristic of silicone rubber is its high temperature stability. Although the strength of silicone rubber is only half that of natural rubber or some synthetic rubber at normal temperature, it can still maintain certain flexibility, resilience and surface hardness under the high temperature environment above 200°C, and the mechanical properties do not change significantly.

(2) Low temperature performance The glass glass temperature of silicone rubber is generally -70~-50°C, and the special formula can reach -100°C, indicating that its low temperature performance is excellent. This is of great significance to the aviation and aerospace industry

(3) Weatherability Si-O-Si bond in silicone rubber is stable to oxygen, ozone and ultraviolet. It has excellent weatherability without any additives

(4) Electrical performance. Silicone rubber has excellent insulation properties, corona resistance and arc resistance is also very good.

(5) Physical and mechanical properties The physical and mechanical properties of silicone rubber at room temperature is worse than that of general rubber, but at the high temperature of 150°C and the low temperature of -50°C, its physical and mechanical properties are better than that of general rubber.

(6) Oil resistance and chemical reagent. Ordinary silicone rubber has medium resistance to oil and solvent.

(7) Gas permeability. At room temperature, the permeability of silicone rubber to air, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases is better than that of natural rubber

(8) Physiological inertia. Silicone rubber is 30-50 times higher. Glue is non-toxic, tasteless, no smell, and human tissue is not adhered to, has anticoagulant effect, very little reactivity to the body tissue. Especially suitable for medical materials.

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