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Latest company news about SUPER SOFT ULTRA FINE WIRE

Recently, more and more manufacturers and research institutions have been using super soft ultra-fine core wires, such special wire and cable widely used in advanced science and technology electronics industry, including satellite survey, medical cables, robot measuring industry. But the process is complex, waste is big, there are few units are able to do the supply, then the standing and cabling technologies are quite different from normal practices, the domestic factories are not confident to accept such orders. Our Dingzun company dares to challenge new things and grasp the nettle, through untiring efforts, finally achieved a breakthrough solution. Let's introduce two successful cases.


The first one was an overseas customer who needed super soft ultra-fine core wires to be used in this instrument for heart valve surgery instrument. Since both ends of the conductor should be six centimeters directly exposed in the air, but they would encounter the air, containing sulfur dioxide which easily causes the oxidation of the conductor black phenomenon. they failed to pass the hospital test. They came to ask for our help, we suggested using stainless steel conductor to replace the common silver-plated conductor. In addition, it is necessary to make the multi-strand stainless steel conductor, which can be stirred, very soft and natural, which is wound to the electrode of the instrument, and when the electrode is taken away, it can still maintain the original spiral shape of the winding. This presents us with a very big challenge in the process of this contract, so we purchase different 0.05mm machine stainless steel wire conductor, through recording different stranding strength and different materials, after a total of more than 20 times, successfully maintained its original soft characteristics, and metal memory recovery function. After seeing the video of the experiment, the customer happily placed the order of 20,000 meters.


Another case is that a Chinese satellite research institute, which originally imported super soft ultra-fine core wires from the United States. However, due to problems in the supply chain, it came to our company and proposed customizing wires with the maximum outer diameter not exceeding 4mm. Through careful analysis of the original data sheet, we found some gaps in our workmanship. Repeated sample testing, and made great improvements in the process, to meet customers' requirements of softness, wear resistance, ultra-fine features. While meeting customers' very complex and demanding requirements for electrical and physical and mechanical properties, our products' total outer diameter is only 3.7-3.8mm. As a result, we won an order for eight kilometers.


There are many similar examples, once again prove that our company’s super soft, ultra-fine wire, this technology as an achievement, in this emerging segmentation field, is walking in the forefront of the Chinese counterparts, but also hope that manufacturers at home and abroad to come to order enthusiastically.

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