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Company news about What are the main uses of heating cable?

What are the main uses of heating cable?


Latest company news about What are the main uses of heating cable?


Heating cable is a branch series of constant power electric tropical, belonging to series constant power, the working principle is based on electricity as energy, the use of alloy conductor electricity heating, in order to achieve the effect of heating or insulation. So, what are the main uses of heating cables? The following is the introduction of the main uses of heating cable:
1. Residential buildings
Heating cable low temperature radiation heating effect is good, high heating efficiency, coupled with household installation convenient, clean, health, no water, not afraid of freezing, environmental protection, controllable, no investment such as pipelines, trenches, boiler rooms and other characteristics, has been used by more and more people, especially in the single-family villa construction has been used in large numbers. Buildings heated in this way are not only energy efficient, but also called "comfort buildings" and "healthy buildings".
2. Public buildings
Practice has proved that in offices used for 8 hours a day and public buildings with low utilization rate, the use of thermal cable heating, because of intermittent heating, energy saving is more significant.
3. Snow melts on roads
When the road in front of the house has a large ramp, it will be difficult and dangerous for the vehicle to go downhill after snow or ice in winter. If we bury a single thermal cable under the wheel of this section of the ramp to melt snow and ice, then this difficulty and danger will be effectively resolved.
4, eaves roof snow melt ice
In northern Area, when snow melts, eaves often appear ice-hanging phenomenon, which is very dangerous to break and fall. Therefore, the roof and eaves are equipped with heating cable snow-melting and ice-melting system, which can effectively prevent the harm caused by snow and ice.
5. Pipeline insulation
Heating cable for oil transmission, water transmission line insulation, is also the unique feature of heating cable.
6. Soil heating system
To ensure proper use of the pitch during the cold winter months, heat the soil with heating cables to ensure the turf stays green. In addition, the use of heating cable in greenhouse heating soil effect is also very good, can effectively improve the ground temperature, promote the growth and development of plant roots.

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