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Type K steel braided thermocouple cable
  • Type K steel braided thermocouple cable
  • Type K steel braided thermocouple cable
  • Type K steel braided thermocouple cable

Type K steel braided thermocouple cable

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Dingzun
Model Number themocouple extension wire
Product Details
Product Description

The Type K thermocouple cable is a thermocouple extension wire with a steel braided jacket. Here are the key specifications:

  • Brand: Dingzun
  • Origin: China
  • Application: Thermocouple
  • Type: Thermocouple extension wire
  • Rated temperature: -20 to 90 degrees Celsius
  • Rated voltage: 300V
  • Conductor: (+) white: NiCr, (-) red: NiAl
  • Conductor section area: 0.5mm2
  • Insulation: PVC
  • Jacket: PVC
  • Shield: N/A
  • Armor: Stainless steel braided
  • Outer diameter (O.D.): 7.5mm

This Type K thermocouple cable is designed to be used as an extension wire for thermocouples, which are temperature sensors commonly used in industrial and scientific applications. The cable's construction includes a pair of conductors made of Nickel-Chromium (NiCr) and Nickel-Aluminum (NiAl) for the positive and negative connections. These conductors create a thermoelectric junction that produces a voltage proportional to the temperature difference being measured.

The cable has a conductor section area of 0.5mm2, indicating the cross-sectional area of each conductor. This parameter affects the cable's current-carrying capacity.

The insulation and jacket are made of PVC, providing electrical insulation and protection to the conductors. PVC is known for its good electrical properties, flexibility, and resistance to moisture and chemicals.

The steel braided jacket serves as an armor for additional mechanical protection. It enhances the cable's resistance to abrasion, impact, and other physical stresses, making it suitable for demanding environments.

The overall outer diameter (O.D.) of the cable is 7.5mm, which includes the insulation, jacket, and steel braided layer.

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