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3 Pair Instrumentation Cable Shielded Sensor Cable
  • 3 Pair Instrumentation Cable Shielded Sensor Cable
  • 3 Pair Instrumentation Cable Shielded Sensor Cable
  • 3 Pair Instrumentation Cable Shielded Sensor Cable
  • 3 Pair Instrumentation Cable Shielded Sensor Cable

3 Pair Instrumentation Cable Shielded Sensor Cable

Place of Origin shanghai
Brand Name dingzun
Certification ul
Model Number z-90
Product Details
Silver Copper
Rated Temperature:
Rated Voltage:
High Light: 

Multi Pair Instrument Shielded Sensor Cable


3 Pair Shielded Sensor Cable


Braided Multi Pair Instrument Cable

Product Description

Description:3 pair twisted shielded instrumentation multi pair cable

Conductor: silver plated copper
Construction: 42/0.08
Insulation: FEP
Pairs: 3
Twisted: yes
Shield: SPC braided
Jacket: FEP
Rated temperature: -60℃---+200℃
Rated Voltage: 24V
Type: signal cable Under high temperature
Features:Super fine wire stranded
Ultra soft
Silver plated copper conductor
Heat resistance
Signal no loss
FEP insulation to minimize outer diameter
Introduction: 3 pair twisted shielded instrumentation multi-pair cable designed to excel in demanding environments, particularly under high-temperature conditions. This cable ensures reliable signal transmission while offering exceptional performance and durability.

The conductor of the Z-90 cable is made of silver-plated copper, providing excellent conductivity and signal integrity. With a construction of 42/0.08, the cable conductor consists of super fine wires, allowing for efficient signal transmission and minimizing signal loss.

The cable features three pairs that are twisted together, which helps to reduce crosstalk and electromagnetic interference, ensuring clean and clear signal transmission. The pairs are shielded with a braided layer made of silver-plated copper (SPC), providing superior protection against external electromagnetic interference.

The insulation of the Z-90 cable is made of FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene), a high-performance material known for its exceptional electrical properties and resistance to heat. The FEP insulation not only provides excellent electrical insulation but also helps to minimize the outer diameter of the cable, making it more compact and easier to handle during installation.

The jacket of the cable is also made of FEP, ensuring further protection against environmental factors such as temperature extremes and chemical exposure. The FEP jacket provides durability and resistance to abrasion, making the cable suitable for rugged applications.

With a rated temperature range of -60℃ to +200℃, the Z-90 cable is designed to withstand extreme temperatures. It is specifically engineered for applications that require signal transmission under high-temperature conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments.

The cable is rated for a voltage of 24V, making it suitable for various low-voltage applications. It is ideal for use in instrumentation systems, control circuits, and other signal transmission applications that require high reliability and performance.

The Z-90 cable's key features include its super fine wire stranded construction, which enables efficient signal transmission, and its ultra-soft and flexible design, allowing for easy installation and routing. The silver-plated copper conductor ensures high conductivity and signal integrity, while the FEP insulation and shielding provide excellent protection against external interference.

the Z-90 is a top-of-the-line cable that offers exceptional performance, durability, and heat resistance. Its super fine wire construction, ultra-soft flexibility, and FEP insulation contribute to efficient signal transmission and ease of installation. Trust the Z-90 cable to deliver reliable performance and signal integrity in high-temperature environments and critical signal transmission applications.


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